Local support system. Proven curriculum. Weekly meetings. Programs for kids. Leaders who really care. At RU Recovery Program our only goal is to see people’s lives transformed.

Headquartered in Rockford, IL RU now has more than 900 chapters around the world helping people break the chains of addiction.

The Ypsilanti Chapter

Our local chapter meets each Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Southside Baptist Tabernacle of Ypsilanti, illinois where stories of victory are shared, groups and individuals are personally counseled from God’s Word, and lessons are taught on overcoming temptation. Nurseries and programs for children allow RU to minister to the entire family.

More information is available at the RU Recovery Ministry website, Please call our local chapter anytime with questions or comments at (330) 228-5165 or email us here.

What We Do

Stories of Victory

Are you tired of hearing the “war stories” of people who have no real freedom in their life? If so, try RU! Every week, our students share how God has changed their lives through real-life, relevant stories. This time of encouraging testimonies will get your weekend started off just right. View some amazing success stories.

Great Teaching

Every RU class ends with a 30-minute teaching lesson that will expose valuable Bible principles that are integral to your recovery process.

Complete Curriculum

We have one of the best comprehensive discipleship curriculum in America.

Motivational Awards

We will not only encourage you and help you on your road too recovery, but we will also motivate you to do so. We have an award system that acknowledges accomplishment and rewards participation in the program and curriculum.

Free Personal Counseling

We offer free group and individual spiritual counseling on a wide variety of topics from addiction, to marriage, finances, family, and many other areas. You will have a leader, a helper, a director, and even the pastor available as your own personal counselors during times of urgent need.

Childcare Available

We have a children’s program for Ages 4 to 12 and a teens’ program for Ages 13 to 17. We also have nursery care available for children Ages 3 and younger.

Weekly Fellowship Time

RU offers its own “Happy Hour” fellowship time at the conclusion of Friday meetings where refreshments and snacks are usually served. In addition, our Sunday and mid-week meetings usually offer multiple opportunities to fellowship with your fellow students and leaders.

Local Church Support

The local church is God’s support group. The local church helps to meet the spiritual needs of all people, and when the spiritual needs of people are met then other needs fall in line and become easier to manage.

The RU Core Recovery Curriculum


The Overcomer is the first book that every student starts in.The Overcomer will help you with the foundational principles of faith-based recovery.

"It's Personal" Daily Journal

“It’s Personal” Daily Journal is a proven method for developing a dynamic love-relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage all of our students to use the Daily Journal as they work through the RU Program.

Strongholds Study Course

The Stronghold Study Course is completed after the Overcomer Book and is the main curriculum of RU. Students earn awards throughout their journey to mark their progress.

Nevertheless I LIVE

The nevertheless I Live Textbook and Student Guide is the primary reading to complete the Strongholds Study Course.

Meeting Format

RU’s meeting format is split into three different segments which we have titled “talk, talk, talk“.

1st Talk: Prayer and Testimonies

First, we talk to God. We do that in two ways. First, we talk to God in prayer. Each student is given an opportunity to share a need or request for God. We then talk to God in prayer over those requests. Next, we talk to God in testimonies. We give students an opportunity to share how God has changed their lives. Our visitors love to hear stories of recovery through God’s miraculous, saving grace.

2nd Talk: Counsel Groups

Second, we talk to each other. We break into counsel groups to share each of our burdens or blessings. Each group is led by a counsel leader. If anyone needs personal counsel, it is made available. Students go over their completed challenges during this time and encourage each other in their road to recovery.

3rd Talk: Preaching

Third, God talks to us through the preaching of His Word. We don’t just listen to people talk about their problems. We teach what God says to do about it.


I would recommend RU to anyone looking for a recovery program that works.

Dr. Clancy D. McKenzie M.D. | Psychiatrist and Author

Do you or someone you know struggling with a horrible addiction? If so, please don’t pass up this opportunity to join us this Friday night to learn about the Truth that will make you free.