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Mike Smith | Local Chapter Director

Mike's Story

I was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan December 14, 1963 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I trusted Jesus as my only hope for Heaven on February 11, 1973. In 1982 I graduated from Christian High School. In 1986 I graduated from Bible College with a triple minor in Bible, Business and English. In 1988 I received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Cleary University of Ann Arbor, Michigan. For several years I was involved in the Bus Ministry, Awana, Sunday School and Junior Church ministries.

In 1996 due to a personal tragedy in my life I left that church and began attending Southside Baptist Tabernacle. During a portion of that time I was a nominal Christian at best and very backslidden at worst. In 2004 I began to attend a satellite Bible Institute through our church called Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, Louisiana where Pastor John Yates is the Bible Teacher. Slowly but surely the Word of God began to penetrate my cold heart and break down the fortresses I had built to protect myself from being hurt again. In 2005 I asked my pastor about this thing that the church did called “EE” or Evangelism Explosion. Through that organization, I learned how to be a soul winner and learned to effectively present the gospel to someone. It was at this point that I received the assurance of my salvation. Slowly but surely I began to be interested in the things of God again by attending Sunday School, and occasionally attending Sunday Night and Wednesday Night Services.

April of 2006 our pastor was preaching on the Work of the Holy Spirit and all of a sudden one of the ladies in our church started weeping uncontrollably. I had never seen this before or since, especially in a Baptist Church. All of a sudden God started moving through the services and the pastor knew it to the point that he did not even bother to continue to preach that day. Person after person stood up and started talking about how good God had been to them. I was sitting on the second row piano side and absolutely climbing the walls in my mind because I knew God wanted me to say something that day. It was further complicated by the fact that there was a teenage young man sitting next to me and he turned to me and said “Are you gonna get up or what?” So with fear and trembling I got up and began to testify. I found a verse in Jonah 3:1 and it said that “The word of the LORD came unto Jonah…the SECOND time (!) I learned that day that God was the God of the Second Chance. I left the service that day with my life totally changed. Within weeks our Youth Pastor gave me an opportunity to work with the children in the church. Other opportunities soon followed. In 2008 God burdened my heart for the inmates of the County Jails. As a result of that ministry, my pastor asked me to consider starting a Reformers Unanimous chapter in our church, which we did in 2011. In 2010 I received my Chaplains Ordination from Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. Currently, I am an Associate Chaplain with Forgotten Man Ministries, ministering in the Washtenaw and Livingston County Jails. This involves holding Church Services, Bible Studies, One on One counseling and teaching Addiction Recovery Classes. God has allowed me to work in our Children’s Ministry as well as teach an Adult Sunday School Class. God has been awesome and HE IS THE GOD OF THE SECOND CHANCE!!

In 2009 I got remarried. I am married to Sharron and she has two daughters, Sabrina and Vanessa. I also have a son of my own, Michael B. Smith III. We are pleased with how God has brought us together and taken care of us so that we can share with folks that GOD IS THE GOD OF THE SECOND CHANCE.
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