RU Recovery thousands of lives each week through classes in over 900 cities in the United States and several foreign countries.

Our local chapter meets each Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Southside Baptist Tabernacle of Ypsilanti, Michigan where stories of victory are shared, groups and individuals are personally counseled from God’s Word, and lessons are taught on overcoming temptation. Childcare allows RU to minister to the entire family.

We are available to help you or your loved one. We have a complete line of curriculum to help you on your journey to recovery. We have residential facilities for men and women located in Rockford, IL for those who need a greenhouse to grow in their recovery. For those incarcerated our program offers an institutional program.

The RU Recovery Program exists to help anybody worldwide who wishes to experience a life of victory over difficulty. This victory is obtained and retained not through an experience of ongoing effort, but through a once in a lifetime decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a subsequent dedication to developing a dynamic love relationship with Him.

Where Do I Begin?

  • The Steve Curington Story – Steven Curington had what most people would say was the perfect upbringing. His family attended church nearly every Sunday and put him through a Christian School. However, within two years after graduation, He was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Addiction stripped him of all self-esteem, a prosperous career, and crippled him with debt. Learn how he overcame this and went on to found Reformers Unanimous.
  • The First Step To Freedom – If you want to be freed, you will have to go through the only Way that grants freedom . Learn what every individual must know before he or she can begin to overcome an addiction.
  • The 10 Principles – Read the 10 Principles of Prosperity that RU is founded upon and the format of our Friday Night Recovery Meetings. Additionally each principle is free to watch in a short video format taught by Steve Curington available here.

Additional RU Resources

If you would like more information about RU that is not on this site, please visit the following RU sites: