It's a true statement that addiction knows no boundaries. There are no social, economic, ethnic or other barriers to addiction. This includes being a church member

At RU we’ve seen literally scores of church members over the past few years who have been developed a personal, intimate relationship with Christ and when once they lived a life of bondage (even while attending church faithfully) they now live the “Victorious Christian Life”. At RU we’ve seen literally scores of church members over the past few years who have been developed a personal, intimate relationship with Christ and when once they lived a life of bondage (even while attending church faithfully) they now live the “Victorious Christian Life”. 

A program for churches and church members

Our local chapter in Ypsilanti has been in operation since 2010. When we first started our chapter we had many dedicated church members volunteer to help. We went through the training, and began the RU curriculum just like every RU student must do in order to graduate.

The same principles that helped addicts overcome addictions…

When we started our local chapter almost immediately we began to see a remarkable change in the lives of the students and their families! The transformation that God was doing in their lives was nothing short of amazing! We began working hard at getting the truth of this recovery program into the hands of as many people as possible.

…also helped Christians overcome apathy!

But we began to see a change in the lives of the RU workers and our church members! Members who had grown up in church, served in various capacities, volunteered and who have been great Christian examples were experiencing the power of the abundant Christian life!

This victory is obtained and retained not through an experience of ongoing effort, but through a once in a lifetime decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a subsequent dedication to developing a dynamic love relationship with Him.

This applies even for church members. As church members came to our weekly meetings and went through the discipleship curriculum they saw their walk with God increase, their personal relationship develop and their impact on others multiplied! Even those who had volunteered to “help others” began to realize God still wanted to help them in their everyday life!

From Redundant to Abundant

At salvation we received two benefits. The first benefit is Justification. That is freedom from the penalty of sin. The second benefit is sanctification. This is freedom from the power of sin. The book of Romans tells us that sin should no longer have dominion over us, for we are not under the law (where man does the work) but we are under grace (where God does the work).

Yet, the benefits of Sanctification are intended by God to be enjoyed here on earth. The future benefits of justification are sealed when we accept information about Christ, but the benefits of sanctification are enjoyed when we develop a personal relation with Christ.

It is sad but true that many Christians today do not enjoy this personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. Without it, we will find our Christian life to be characterized by ups and downs. Victory coupled with long bouts of defeat. Christ promised an abundant Christian life. This is nothing more than the redundant Christian life.”

The first step is church – God’s support group

My first step was to get back in church. After I left the hospital, I visited the church where I worshiped as a child. That is where God began to change my life. I got assurance of my salvation. I was no longer “lost.” I had been “found.” …Each Reformers Unanimous teaches the steps that lead to blessings from God. For me, those blessings consist of a beautiful wife, our precious children, a debt-free lifestyle, a career that led me to an executive position in the petroleum industry, and now, founder and president of the fastest growing, faith-based addictions program in America. God has done all of this. The best I could do for myself was a life crippled by addiction, debt, and misery.” (read the rest of ‘The Steve Curington Story‘)

One of the main reasons that makes Reformers Unanimous so effective is that it is local church based. The local church is God’s support group. Each student learns that truth early on in the discipleship curriculum and the support the local church provides through the Pastor’s ministry, the preaching and teaching, the fellowship with other Christians and opportunities to serve the Lord and help others is the difference between Reformers Unanimous and other recovery ministries.

Let our chapter help you help others

We have students from area churches that attend our weekly meetings on weekly basis. These students get to experience the benefits of the RU discipleship program in their own life and their church is impacted as a result. If you are reading this and are a pastor or leader in a local church we would love to talk with you and share the details of the RU ministry with you. Please contact Mike Smith at 734-788-8535 or email us here for more information. Our location and directions can are below. Please contact us today about this exciting ministry and learn how you can help your members find the Truth that can make them free…finally!

Recovery Through God’s Truth

For a preview of the main book that we use in our curriculum development, “Recovery Through God’s Truth” click here.

The Lord is using the Reformers Unanimous program to make a difference in broken lives throughout the world. Countless lives have been brought to Christ and restored through the principles and promises of His Word contained in this book.
– Dr. Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, President of West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster CA

“Our world is a place of bondage. It has been this way since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Not only are most people in the world enslaved by sin and addictive sinful natures, many of God’s people are struggling with stubborn habits and addictions as well. Steve Curington shows that there is hope for an abundant Christian Life. Recovery Through God’s Truth teaches the value of each and every circumstance God intends so we may develop and draw others to the Savior.” – a summary of the Recovery Through God’s Truth book.

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