Approximately 70 percent of people incarcerated in prisons and jails have used drugs regularly during their lifetime.

Despite these alarming statistics only an estimated 20 percent of U.S. inmates with addictions receive some treatment while incarcerated, and of those treatment options few have the only real answer Jesus Christ.

RU Inside Program for the Incarcerated

God designed the civil authority to be the external behavior modifier of intemperate individuals. However, He also designed His Spirit for internal behavior modification. The support of the local church is His solution for reducing recidivism in our communities. We do this by teaching them to obtain and nurture a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. These teachings will give them the tools to remain free from the addiction that incarcerated them. Our goal is to guide them toward law-abiding citizens when they return to their communities.

All of this can be accomplished if you will familiarize yourself with our Christ-centered, Bible-believing, addictions program of RU Recovery Ministries. RUInside is a ministry of RU Recovery Ministries. It is designed to reach those who are bound spiritually to sin and physically in jails or prisons.

If you know someone who might be interested in the RIP, please contact us with contact information of the individual.